❌Don’t Compare!!❌

Hii guys!! Back after long time..my today’s post is to tell that how important is your progress. Fashions, business, politicians, models, education blah blah,blah…are very different fields of life. Although they are varied from eachother they have a common term. That common term is ‘Competition’. Following the old thought, “Practice makes man perfect” ….We need to say that,”Competetion makes man perfect!!. Actually this statement is not true but its true for most of the people. Competition now a days is given supreme importance. But viewing its other side we understand that, its also a great hurdle for some of the lives. Because, competition not always influences one’s progress. It can sometimes be a problem for one’s progress. I don’t say that competition is the useless thing; unless its very usefull one. But people need to understand the positive and bright side of this.

We people many times keep comparing ourselves with others. In a office a man will compare his own salary with his colleague’s salary, A student will compare his marks with another classmates marks. A fashion designer will compare his/her styles and cotumes with other fashion designer’s styles who are on the top list. In short everybody in this world is comparing their abilites with others. Comparing is a good thing for improvment, but from negative point of view it can cause pressure in the minds of people. Comparing can sometimes loose their confidence.So my advice is that keep concentraring on your deeds. Keep breaking your own records!!

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~Ketaki Bhave

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