First few words….

      🌹  Hey guys!!I am Ketaki Bhave and Its my Introductory Blog..

The word today is going through many bad circumstances.Here nobody has time to speak few loving words.Everyone is busy prooving themselves best in many social fields in this competative world. But in the same competative world our minds are becoming victims of deadly forms of thoughts like, ‘Tension, Stress and most importantly Depression’. Thus I want to work for such deadly consequenses of the competition and vast modern world. The darkness of this mind states should be changed into beautiful, glorious light of ‘Positivness, and Healthy thoughts’ Its my mission to bring about the changes in such harmfull conditions and paint the walls of mind with happiness.🌹




Just ‘Live’ it and just ‘do’ It!

Not all the things go according to you and remember always love your aims,intrests and hobbys. Don’t change them for others.We have to live it guys!!.Thinking too much is not going to change anything. You have to work all your problems. There is always a winning side which is hidden. You have to search your ‘win’.Don’t prove yourself start acting according to it. Let the birds of new thoughts and dreams chirp freely in your massive sky of mind. Impossible is just the word in dictionary. But there exits which words are more powerfull and positive words are flowing in our sea of life.

Stop blaming others. They are not thinking to make your life hell.Everyone is not born a villian. Being unnesesarily upset on others is not the solution for your frustration.Remember that they too have their own problems and frustrations. There are circumstamces which makes them behave in this way. Every living thing on earth has there own fears.

Don’t ask ‘Why me?’ for the bad situations. Instead, you should ask that why god has given all the happiness. No one is without happiness. Both happiness and sadness are the two threads on which our life gets stitched. Don’t destroy the pleasant dress which god wants to make it for you. Let him do it calmly.

Life is really like a sea. Sea will flow according to his direcrion, way and style. You can’t complain about it.But the thing is that we must learn to adjust in every situations. At the time of tide , we should learn to over come it and enjoy the adventures and when light breezes touches our feet we should try to understand that what she is going to tell.

Even the tide is alone. She also wants to share her feelings you. Same is with life. During all the disturbing days we need a tonic which makes us completely happy and that tonic is good thought that will influence our soul and mind. Remember that peace also speaks. It also gives satisfaction. The tear rain will make you strong soon. Don’t worry guys.

Have paitence guys everything will be fine. Every thing is going to be normal. First yoy try to normal. I have started being normal. Its really stress releasing guys. ‘Its about living our life’. All your wisheswill not knock your door.You have to take the stand.We have to work on it. Okay bye guys!! Time to walk out!! Hope all you will definately understand what I want to tell.

~Ketaki Bhave

🌷Little Things : Five S’s to live a happy life 🌷

Hii guys.. I am here with my new post and that is ‘Little Things’.

Today everyone is busy in various activities and proving themselves. All of us wants to percieve our own identity. The rat race is on. Factors like good employement, well set career , good percentage, and many more has crushed the easy living of man. He stoped enjoying the things and he started taking up stress. He has become a ‘stress’ being from a human being.Its time to break all the stressors and follow the little things . So the main aim of today’s post is to get rid of stress by following this little things.

Life is beautiful.If our mind tends to be happy and positive every corner of the world seems to be a golden corner. There are little things which will help us tackle with our day to day problems. So Guys influence your thoughts with ‘Little Things’

Little Things…

1. Small positive thought every morning.

Yesterday was a past tense and today is our present on which our future depends. Whatever might had happen yesterday, wake up with a Positive thought which will enhance your day. Every morning we must wake up with a Positive thought like that of “today is a wonderful day filled with happiness and peace , today I will be more positive and everything is going to right , Today strength will be at my side , I will not mess with people and people will not mess with me.”After thinking this your mind wil be filled with positiveness.

2. Set the goals according to your strength.

Whatever the goals be, try to recognize it so that you will realize them and try to percieve them. The achievable goal should be followed. Set the goal which you can attain completely.

3. Stick to your hobbies.

Every person has a skill of their own or every person knows best about certain things. Following the thought “Millions die without knowing that they are genious” , many a times they don’t know what suits them best. So guys if you know your skills and hobbys its well and good. Then enhance them by practicing it. So that they will reduce your stress , and if not, then please try to recognize them by adopting different activities out of your daily schedule.

4.Stay Patient

It takes time for good things to be happen . So wait for the day. Don’t give up. Have patience and the things will be eaiser.Who knows the day next when you give up will be a sparkling opportunity for, be calm and patient.. succes will definately tap your door. Remember,” Slow and steady wins the race.”

5. Stop following success.

The consecutive thought after being patient is Stop running behind success. The famous dilouge from the film Three Idiots, “Kaabil bano, kamayabi jhak marke piche ayegi” emphasizes that efforts are the real power bearers. We should always run behind the efforts or exellence and not the success. Give more prefference to your skills and labour. They are the most important things in our life. “Pursue exellence and success will follow you.”

Now I will end up.I hope you will like it and use in your life. Time to say bye bye!! Catch you later with a new thought. Have a nice day guys!

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~Ketaki Bhave

The power of responding..

Hello everyone I am back. We now a days are famaliar with the phrase, “Respond, Don’t just react”. 

    Many a times the situations doesn’t occur according to our wish. Most of us tend to React without thinking and planning. Reaction simply destroys the mindset of people where as Response helps us to escape from the problem. 

Nothing to say much but remember, 

“Don’t react but respond”

~Ketaki Bhave

People’s Opinion : Not a big deal!!

 Hello everyone! I have been mute since long time. But today I am completely blessed with the time. I am with my new topic n that’s ”People’s Opinion : Not a big deal!”. Our life is filled with circumstances, where situations will be slight annoying because ‘People’ rejected it or are unsatisfied with it. 

Public can’t restrict our happiness. Don’t think a lot or else your beautiful life will pass in worrying and thinking of about others opinion. But at the same time we should be aware of our regular ethics and codes which presents our personality. People will definately express their opinion. Its not much important to follow it. 

According to me People’s opinion doesn’t matters a lot. Ha, in some of the situations  following people is necessary. But not always. We have to learn about self- esteem. We must be firm with all the ideas in our mind. The correct plans should be made first clear by ourselves. Its not important that what people says, instead its much more important what you feel about your task. Grow up guys! And Stop thinking of others. You are born alone and ofcourse will die alone. People will obstruct your goals so its better to be aware. People makes your way more complex. Best part is to do it yourself, don’t always think on the opinions which will destroy your way of living.

  Thus This is today’s tip which will break the stressors. Keep following your own ambition n goals in which you are completely confortable. Main thing is that where and how you enjoy the work. People’s opinion is least important than what your inner-self things says about certain tasks. Ok guys! Catch you later.Till then love yourself and your own opinions💖


 ~Ketaki Bhave.

🌻Something Good🌻

   A Day… Its combination of pleasant and unpleasant situations occuring.Some or the other good things happens to us everyday, just the thing is that we should Recognize it. Many small good things will end up with a Good Day.. ” Every day may not be good but there is SOME THING GOOD in every day” and you have to find it.

Good things and Bad things are like Days and nights, they will come after the other. Don’t forget that God made hard situations only for those who are the strongest one!! So common guys keep away that stressed and get up live a life.

   Instead of asking ” why me??” to the bad situations, try asking out same for the same one’s and then you will understand the real power of God. Ask him, why you made me a normal individual than that of poor, malnourished and mentally challeneged ones. Ask him Why he gave you sweet family and not like others who are living withoout there mother and father, or without family in ashrams. Thinking this we will find the good things,and not only the good things but also the better lives. Just think about them atleast we have got better lives than them.Then too they are not complaining. Then why we are are complaining? Every morning we must get up with the thought that something good is going to happen.

   God is not witched or madto situtate such conditions before you and that you go on simply complaining about him. He plans manages and then makes the situations on  particular basis. Blaming him is not the solution.We should learn something from every bad situations. And what “BAD” guys?? What bad?? Its up to..If you choose its bad. Then yeah! ofcourse its bad for you. But you choose its good its really a good situation. MIND SET MATTERS A LOT!  So I will end up saying that keep revealing SOMETHING GOOD in your way ; Whether in bad or good situations.

with love❤




Nothing was going right in my life. No personal life , no professional life nothing!!! And a big addition to it was my break up with him. All the failure’s were perfectly making sense in my imperfect life.” You need a break Kaveri!! Miss Kaveri Deshmukh.. You need a break!!!” Said my mind.My thoughts were not ready for it. They were continiously flowing through the floor of my mind. 

    5 Years was not a joke!!! We were very serious. I mean me and Abhay. Abhay Kulkarni- A silent,sweet and calm guy. I wasted my whole childhood glancing at him and dreaming my whole life with him.Watching his cheerfull face made my days special.  He asked me out for relationship in the farwell party of our junior college. 5 years we were madly in love with eachother, but then we decided we must think about education first and then of about marraige. So he shiftted to Banglore from Mumbai and thus our relationship turned into Long distance relationship.  My days and nights were busy talking on phone with him. 

  I still remember that special day which made it more special it was my 20Th birthday. He was living in Mumbai. We built many lovely buildings of dreams in our mind. The clock arm showed it was 11:45. I was lying on bed taking my phone in my left hand, waiting for the calls and messages. Suddenly the typical voice of knocking window entered the curtains of my ears. It was Abhay! I opened the window and pulled him inside my room. I was totally surprised. He wore the birthday cap and was with a box of cake in his hand.He came and sat on bed and said,”Kavi( the nick name he kept for me) I want to be the person who first wishes you for your birthday and that is the reason I’M here in your room fifteen minutes before. Happy Birthday my dear Kavi..n don’t forget I love uu…” It was really heart pleasing experience for me. then I ran towards him and hugged him tightly..

But this was just a memomry …Its over now my mind shouted..N I dont know how I’M going to get rid of it…Really I don’t know!!


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