Just ‘Live’ it and just ‘do’ It!

Not all the things go according to you and remember always love your aims,intrests and hobbys. Don’t change them for others.We have to live it guys!!.Thinking too much is not going to change anything. You have to work all your problems. There is always a winning side which is hidden. You have to search your ‘win’.Don’t prove yourself start acting according to it. Let the birds of new thoughts and dreams chirp freely in your massive sky of mind. Impossible is just the word in dictionary. But there exits which words are more powerfull and positive words are flowing in our sea of life.

Stop blaming others. They are not thinking to make your life hell.Everyone is not born a villian. Being unnesesarily upset on others is not the solution for your frustration.Remember that they too have their own problems and frustrations. There are circumstamces which makes them behave in this way. Every living thing on earth has there own fears.

Don’t ask ‘Why me?’ for the bad situations. Instead, you should ask that why god has given all the happiness. No one is without happiness. Both happiness and sadness are the two threads on which our life gets stitched. Don’t destroy the pleasant dress which god wants to make it for you. Let him do it calmly.

Life is really like a sea. Sea will flow according to his direcrion, way and style. You can’t complain about it.But the thing is that we must learn to adjust in every situations. At the time of tide , we should learn to over come it and enjoy the adventures and when light breezes touches our feet we should try to understand that what she is going to tell.

Even the tide is alone. She also wants to share her feelings you. Same is with life. During all the disturbing days we need a tonic which makes us completely happy and that tonic is good thought that will influence our soul and mind. Remember that peace also speaks. It also gives satisfaction. The rain of tear will make you strong soon. Don’t worry guys.

Have paitence guys everything will be fine. Every thing is going to be normal. First you try to normal. I have started being normal. Its really stress releasing guys. ‘Its about living our life’. All your wishes will not knock your door.You have to take the stand.We have to work on it. Okay bye guys!! Time to walk out!! Hope all you will definately understand what I want to tell.

~Ketaki Bhave

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