💐🌿💐Connecting with Nature💐🌿💐

The sunshines of days,darkness of nights, Rainy days, shivering nights of winter, blossming of flower, mountains, magic of valley and what not?? the world is enveloped by many gifts of god and the mother of all is Nature.

Its unfortunate that the power resources on the corners of our globe are facing lots of dangers today. Yes, preserving the natural elements and talking care is important now-a-days. But today my words are not only gathered for awarness of these sources but also for making all of you understand the relation between you and nature.

In this fast, modern and technical world….nature still takes the highest place of giving peace.It significance is still present in many souls of nature lovers. Being with nature and listening the voice of it is the best therapy ever. The words said by Sandeep Maheshwari, the great motivater are as follows, “Every thing in this universe is natural and easy, leaving us! We have made our lives difficult, we have interupted the natural process of world”. So connect with nature. The ants teach us unity while from olden times we have been listening the patience stories of spiders. Birds teach us to fly freely and pursue the dreams of reaching highest level of sky.

This is the era of new gadgets and maximum use of man made factors. The variety in equipements, the projects, study and research material made available is all from net. Using net is not a bad thing. But in this digital world one must peep into the natural powers too. Its not the harm.

I m not saying that forget everything else and keep watching nature. That is not at all my point. Nature will give you power and a sense of positive approach towards every situations in your journey of life. If you are facing from any stressed or miserable situation, call nature. Litsen its language and then you will understand its feelings towards you. Have you ever listen the chirping of birds, ever seen the flowing valley like that of blue silk falling from the floor of mountains! The beauty of nature is very nice and thought provoking.

We humans are also created out of nature. So being with nature and chit-chatting with it is much more important and good for us.Nature is our mother. Nature will teach you, make you calm and help you to be positive!! So how many of you are sending friend requests to nature??

Ketaki Bhave

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