Go 💚Green!!

Its Navratri second day.. n its 🐦GREEN COLOUR!!🍀

In this era of globalization and many environmental issues I would like to express what the green colour tells you,🌿

‘Green’..🍃.There is fantastic feeling hidden in this colour and that’s freshness.. it also indicaties love towards green nature and trees🌴…Per person must plant 1 Sapling and its the greatest need of our mother land!!..🌱. Plants are your best friends. 

So.. Its a Global Symbol!! Go Green!!…n Wish you very AUSPICIOUS AND HEALTHY NAVTRATRI!!…


Smile 🙆 Please!!


  Hello, Do you remember me? I am your friend,I live below the nose and my name is ‘Smile’.  I know that due to hectic schedule and mind disturbing daily hassels had made you to forget me completely! I know all the problems you are facing recently. Just want to confess that “I love you”and thats the reason I want to solve every problems of you. I also know that without me you are incomplete.Trust me I’m your true friend and never want to loose you.So please accept me!! Please accept me!! Accept me!!

                                    ~ With love ❤ Smile.

Really! Smile is the best jewellary you can wear on your face. Its the most powerful thing who will keep you optimistic and fresh. Whenever you are with her, you will feel mentally relaxed. This Smile is a priceless gift!!.So accept it and walk in with her every circumstances of your life’s journey.

 In the plate of life, Sweet smile is neccesary which will turn the bitter experiences into a tasty, delightful memories! 

And say…Smile 😊 Please...To your life, mind and soul…


Smile is the real ❤soulmate of your face


The sun is 🌞 still shining!!

Sometimes nothing goes right in our lives.We tend to think again again.Have paitence and see after some time, brighter side will shine before you.

There is A Shining Sun behind the clouds. That’s the thing we need to realize. Paitence is the best medicine for all the problems you are facing. Beacuse, the fruits of waiting are always sweet!! Removal of negative Clouds from our ways is necessary now a days. Like wise we should destroy all the negative wibes and “I can’t Do!” thinkings and recognize the existence of sparkling thoughts behind them which will shine our way. Its time to kill the germs of “Unnessecary thoughts” and let the fantastic ideas blossom on the sapling of our minds. 

      I would like to share short story which my father told me.Its as follows. 

   Once upon a time there lived a famous sculpturer who made beautiful statues , showpieces and many artificate out of stone. It was evening and he was returning house after his work.When he went home, one of his greatest fan was waiting for him to come. The fan asked him , ” You make such a beautiful artificates, I just want to ask you how it is possible?? I mean what you do and convert a meaningless stone into a marvelous artificate??”

   The sculptuter answered very smartly and positively to it, ” Nothing much. I just removed the unwanted part from the stone and shaped it up.” The fan was surprised listening this different answer

So the message I want to give you is that,

“In the same manner we must ignore all the unwanted, negative thoughts from our mind and shape it with the wonderful… life improving thoughts and make ourselves best personality.”

Best luck !! Success is waiting for you…Search it…


THE 🔲BOX (Part-2) 

    All the sorrows, tensions and worries    burned in the fire of enthusiasm and confidence. Now she was feeling much better. When she found the books she kept them aside properly on the floor. 

  Another thing in the box was a cute little sweater, made by her granny when she was just one year old baby. It was yellow with green strips on it. She was glad to see that sweater. Then she lost in her granny’s memories.

    In the golden memories she found one of the sayings of her granny when she turned 10 Years old girl and they were as follows, “The Sweater is a nice example of life explaining us that like wool takes different shapes in the process of making sweater, in the same way life takes many ups and downs, so the important message to take from it that whenever we feel everything goes wrong in your life then just wait and keep working then n then only one can achieve a shining success after a dark faliure.

Remembering this message she got influenced with positiveness and she already started achieving the success in her thoughts. In the same way I want to tell that keep working, without any expectations.. Don’t forget, God helps only those who helps themseleves..

so enjoy every work..There is one Sparkling day waiting for you…😊..





Still I m new in this blogging world. I was not knowing anything from this world. I am not getting that how to thank you. Liebster Award is really great for all bloggers who have been nominated. Thank you so much.You made my day. 

I know you asked all of us some of the questions n I am absolutely ready to face them. They are as follows..

1.Which Fictional place would you like to go?

I think, I would like to go place where the dragon tales one cartoon used too take us in the world where there are friendly dragons 

2.If you are the dictator of the small island,what dictator stuff would you be?

I would be the sword.

3. What is something you think everyone should do atleast once in there lives?

According to me, everyone should try out making a depressed people smile and make them realise that the life is too short for being sad.

4.What would you rate 10/10?

I would rate Music..All kinds of music 10/10

5.What do you hope never changes?
6.Which movie title best describes your life?

‘Zingadi na milegi dobara”

7.If you suddenly became a master at woodworking, what would you make?

I would make Ganesh Murti. Which would give me confidence and make me energatic for life time.

8.What is the most impressive thing you know how to do?

I can create poems of my own in marathi language.

9.What are the some things you haven’t  unlearn?

I have to learn how to communicate effeciently.

10.What are you looking forward in the next 10 Years?

I either want to be succesfull psychologist or calligrapher in next 10 Years.

11.What are your favourite all time quotes?

“Old is gold” , “Practice makes man perfect”

My Questions

1.What type of personality are you??According to you.

2. What are your hobbies which can turn into a fantastic career?

3.What is your favourite book? On which you can write the another book?

4.If you would get a chance to write a book on very famous personality, who is it?

5. When n how you started bloging?

6.What life for you??

7. Defination of Enjoyment to you?

8. Which type of stories do you like??

9. How important the blogging is according to you?

10.Lastly Asking, What message you want to give to all other  bloggers who recently started writing it??

Here are the other bloggers whom I would like to nominate.

Suvarna Barge( Megha)




                She was sitting listlessly after           decorating the flat in the city of dreams. Nothing was perfect in her life leaving the cup of coffee. After ten Rejections for her job, she had completely lost the hope for next opportunities and was very tensed for her future.


      But then the door bell ranged. It took time to come out from her tensions and then realised that someone was at door. She peeped into the peep hole it was curiour man standing outside the door with the big box in his hand it was her world , her memories and much more. She took the box, sat on the floor and opened the box madly like she has glanced something special, something that makes her alive.

One by one she began to remove all things from the box. The very first object she removed from the box was her doll ‘Nandu’. She was always with her in her golden childhood days. The torned clothes, uncombed hairs, and that cute little legs, One of them was without the red shoe with small ribbon on it. She kept it slightly without destroying any memory attached with the ‘Nandu’.

      Then she found the books!! Which were her oxygen in her adolsesnce stage. The book writen by Sudha Murthy, ‘Wise and Otherwise’ was the first book she read. Then slowly the oxygen of writing and reading went through her whole body. Her tension for the future was paused for a while…

To be Continued….


Negativism👊 Go Back!!!

   Hello! Many posts are giving the message to live  happy life and still some of them are living their boring , fearful and deprived life. Then its not working guys..its really not working😕

     Its all in  our hands and our mind to be happy…Many great philosophers agree the statement “IF YOU WANT TO BE HAPPY,BE”..It not only depends on all this sayings but also on the mind set of individual. Happniess is the most priceless gift god has given to all of us and still many of us haven’t opened  🎁 the wrapper of that gift.  You know what?? A individual must be most powerfull, that The letter  ‘N’ from Negativisim must not dare to peep into the room of our thoughts.

Our room of thoughts  is our mind’s personal space, and how come we allow enter anybody in this space? When Negative thoughts knock your doors why you respond to them??

Its high time…Our thoughts must raise 🙋the banners saying , ” NEGATIVISM GO BACK”   I hope you like today’s tip of living without tensions and stress and mainly without the strom of NEGATIVISIM which will harm your life.



    📙A Cover Dosen’t Matters..😉

    Have a nice Day guys… here is the blog for all those who thinks that there looks and the extrnal features are not so good..

            The internal beauty is  durable than that of any kinds of external ones.So remember ,instead of wasting your time in improving your looks and everything which is fascinated outside your body, one must observe the thoughts, internal beauty which are already gifted for you. Each and every individual surviving in this universe is unique in their styles, their abilities, talents.Most importantly Humans are created incredible. The expressions of joy and  laughter are special features fitted in us by god.

       So just wanted to say that everyone in this world has some or the other abilites imibed in themselves. If we will recognize those abilites and try to evaluate it, then the petals of acceptance and happy days would blossom into a cheerfull personality..Also no one will point your weaknesses…

    Bye bye!! Stay blessed…

    thus say,” A Cover Doesn’t Matters..”.❤




      Welcome Back !! I have to tell more to you guys…Bt what to say? Just like me lying on my couch with an expression of laziness on my face, the lazy words are still lying on my mind and are not ready to come out of its world..After browsing, liking and following some of the mind blowing blogs and sites, What to say?? How to say?? Where to say?? are the quesions which are frequently troubling the cells of my mind.  

        Anyways….here are the healing words and statements , my mind has created for all those minds who are deprived of their negative thoughts and want to glow the depressing nights by gathering the fireflies of golden thoughts…and thus, decorate their minds..

    • Fireflies of Golden Thoughts are as follows..
    1.  Whenever you feel that your external world is disturbed for one or the other reasons, 🎀then peep into your intenal world n that’s known as ‘Mind’.😊
    2. Mind power is as greater as the whole universe in the world..✨If we think positively and see the world from the spects of 💜happiness,👼 then and then only you’ll be able to shine your side.
    3. Believe in yourself..😎.the Real God, Real Power, Real Kings 👑and Queens 👸exists in you and your mind itself.
    4. The solutions for every problems are somewhere imbided in you..🌟Only the thing is that you have to clear the dust of 👍 negetivness and reach up to the wonderfull solutions.
    5. Lastly I would 👒like to say, Good things are not made but they aready there with us for the life time.✌ Its ‘YOU’ who must find it.

                                                    …Thank you…




    First few words….

    🌹 Hey guys!!I am Ketaki Bhave and Its my Introductory Blog..
    The word today is going through many bad circumstances.Here nobody has time to speak few loving words.Everyone is busy proving themselves best in many social fields in this competative world. But in the same competative world our minds are becoming victims of deadly forms of thoughts like, ‘Tension, Stress and most importantly Depression’. Thus I want to work for such deadly consequenses of the competition and vast modern world. The darkness of this mind states should be changed into beautiful, glorious light of ‘Positivness, and Healthy thoughts’ Its my mission to bring about the changes in such harmfull conditions and paint the walls of mind with happiness.🌹