Happiness is our choice😊

Happiness is a world full of laughters and freeness. The emotion where we completely feel relax and enjoy the life. We people are not for happiness , but happiness is for us. We are not smaller than any other happiness in the universe. So first remember to respect you and your happiness.

After all happiness is both pur decision and our choose. If your inner self would choose to be happy then any negative thing can’t break you from your happiness. Happy human being is always cheerfull and knows to tacle all the situations properly. At the glance of your mind, everyone should keep themseleves happy. Sad and depressed minds are not the solutions over any hurdels towards our motives. we must always keep hand in hand with happiness. Happiness will not run behind you. You have to keep in touch with it,and thats what the life.

Life is not always constant.We can’t control our lives. It can change its circumstances any time and with anything. Somedays will bring bliss on your face and somedays will make you sad. But, if we wish we can control happiness and that’s the key of living peacefull life. Being miserable can change nothing. Be happy , and everything will be at your side. Try to find happiness in small yet long lasting things like watching rainbow, a flower from a little bud and much more. The happiness and satisfaction which we get from short term or perishable situations is not constant. Such type of happiness will surely make you happy, but it will end one day. So be happy for real and original things. Be happy its our choice!.

~Ketaki Bhave

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