🌷Little Things : Five S’s to live a happy life 🌷

Hii guys.. I am here with my new post and that is ‘Little Things’.

Today everyone is busy in various activities and proving themselves. All of us wants to percieve our own identity. The rat race is on. Factors like good employement, well set career , good percentage, and many more has crushed the easy living of man. He stoped enjoying the things and he started taking up stress. He has become a ‘stress’ being from a human being.Its time to break all the stressors and follow the little things . So the main aim of today’s post is to get rid of stress by following this little things.

Life is beautiful.If our mind tends to be happy and positive every corner of the world seems to be a golden corner. There are little things which will help us tackle with our day to day problems. So Guys influence your thoughts with ‘Little Things’

Little Things…

1. Small positive thought every morning.

Yesterday was a past tense and today is our present on which our future depends. Whatever might had happen yesterday, wake up with a Positive thought which will enhance your day. Every morning we must wake up with a Positive thought like that of “today is a wonderful day filled with happiness and peace , today I will be more positive and everything is going to right , Today strength will be at my side , I will not mess with people and people will not mess with me.”After thinking this your mind wil be filled with positiveness.

2. Set the goals according to your strength.

Whatever the goals be, try to recognize it so that you will realize them and try to percieve them. The achievable goal should be followed. Set the goal which you can attain completely.

3. Stick to your hobbies.

Every person has a skill of their own or every person knows best about certain things. Following the thought “Millions die without knowing that they are genious” , many a times they don’t know what suits them best. So guys if you know your skills and hobbys its well and good. Then enhance them by practicing it. So that they will reduce your stress , and if not, then please try to recognize them by adopting different activities out of your daily schedule.

4.Stay Patient

It takes time for good things to be happen . So wait for the day. Don’t give up. Have patience and the things will be eaiser.Who knows the day next when you give up will be a sparkling opportunity for, be calm and patient.. succes will definately tap your door. Remember,” Slow and steady wins the race.”

5. Stop following success.

The consecutive thought after being patient is Stop running behind success. The famous dilouge from the film Three Idiots, “Kaabil bano, kamayabi jhak marke piche ayegi” emphasizes that efforts are the real power bearers. We should always run behind the efforts or exellence and not the success. Give more prefference to your skills and labour. They are the most important things in our life. “Pursue exellence and success will follow you.”

Now I will end up.I hope you will like it and use in your life. Time to say bye bye!! Catch you later with a new thought. Have a nice day guys!

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~Ketaki Bhave

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