🌻Something Good🌻

   A Day… Its combination of pleasant and unpleasant situations occuring.Some or the other good things happens to us everyday, just the thing is that we should Recognize it. Many small good things will end up with a Good Day.. ” Every day may not be good but there is SOME THING GOOD in every day” and you have to find it.

Good things and Bad things are like Days and nights, they will come after the other. Don’t forget that God made hard situations only for those who are the strongest one!! So common guys keep away that stressed and get up live a life.

   Instead of asking ” why me??” to the bad situations, try asking out same for the same one’s and then you will understand the real power of God. Ask him, why you made me a normal individual than that of poor, malnourished and mentally challeneged ones. Ask him Why he gave you sweet family and not like others who are living withoout there mother and father, or without family in ashrams. Thinking this we will find the good things,and not only the good things but also the better lives. Just think about them atleast we have got better lives than them.Then too they are not complaining. Then why we are are complaining? Every morning we must get up with the thought that something good is going to happen.

   God is not witched or madto situtate such conditions before you and that you go on simply complaining about him. He plans manages and then makes the situations on  particular basis. Blaming him is not the solution.We should learn something from every bad situations. And what “BAD” guys?? What bad?? Its up to..If you choose its bad. Then yeah! ofcourse its bad for you. But you choose its good its really a good situation. MIND SET MATTERS A LOT!  So I will end up saying that keep revealing SOMETHING GOOD in your way ; Whether in bad or good situations.

with love❤


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