📙A Cover Dosen’t Matters..😉

Have a nice Day guys… here is the blog for all those who thinks that there looks and the extrnal features are not so good..

        The internal beauty is  durable than that of any kinds of external ones.So remember ,instead of wasting your time in improving your looks and everything which is fascinated outside your body, one must observe the thoughts, internal beauty which are already gifted for you. Each and every individual surviving in this universe is unique in their styles, their abilities, talents.Most importantly Humans are created incredible. The expressions of joy and  laughter are special features fitted in us by god.

   So just wanted to say that everyone in this world has some or the other abilites imibed in themselves. If we will recognize those abilites and try to evaluate it, then the petals of acceptance and happy days would blossom into a cheerfull personality..Also no one will point your weaknesses…

Bye bye!! Stay blessed…

thus say,” A Cover Doesn’t Matters..”.❤



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